Google Earth 5.2 Adds Elevation, Speed Profiles To Athletic Trails

Google Earth has been an outdoorsperson's dream, ever since they added hiking, running and biking trails (among others). The most recent update focuses on enhancing these features by adding graphs and statistics for elevation, slope and speed to athletic trails

Ever since Google Earth 5.0, you've been able to connect your GPS to Google Earth and import tracks for anything from hiking to skiing to sailing, and then follow your desired path. The recently released Google Earth 5.2 makes this feature even better by adding other views like elevation and speed, as well as statistics like your average elevation, slope and speed over the course of the entire trail. If your GPS supports features like heart rate and cadence, you can view them in Google Earth as well as you travel along your path. Google has also improved the trip playback feature, so you can generate a video tour of your trip just by clicking the time animation button (see the above video for an example).

In addition, Google Earth 5.2 also contains an integrated browser, so when you want more information than Google Earth already gives you, it can take you to a full web page within the app instead of redirecting you to an external browser. It also includes a hefty update to Google Earth Pro, including demographic and traffic data layers and better support for large image files and data sets. Hit the link for more information, and let us know what you think of the new features in the comments.

Announcing Google Earth 5.2 [Google Lat Long Blog via Google Operating System]


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