Google Chrome Frame Updates To Beta, Giving IE More HTML5 Powers

Internet Explorer: Google Chrome Frame, the IE add-in that displays certain web pages with a Chrome-style engine, has updated to beta, adding Chrome 5.0 features like HTML5 video and audio support, while also tightening its integration with Internet Explorer features.

With the HTML5 support, you get to use YouTube's no-Flash-needed version, and try out cutting-edge web apps like Google Wave in a browser that otherwise would choke out. Google has also made Chrome Frame behave better when using IE's inPrivate browsing, clearing the cache and blocking cookies, so privacy-aware users don't have to sacrifice anything to install Chrome Frame.

Chrome Frame is a free download that works inside Internet Explorer, and only activates on sites that are coded to request it. To get more regular and cutting-edge (and, possibly, unstable) updates to Chrome Frame, you can join the dev channel.

Google Chrome Frame - Now in Beta [Chromium Blog]


    to quote geekymitch

    "I do find it at least vageuly amusing that IE needs a plugin to run like chrome, and that chrome has a plugin (as does firefox) to run like IE..."

    the difference is, the IE tab in Chrome and Firefox is to provide backwards compatibility to archaic websites that are only supported by old IE - where the Chrome plugin for IE, is to support for new websites to an old archaic browser. IE is the loser both ways.

    This is one of the most pointless and troublesome things google has created. Most of their other tech is good but this is just stupid.

    If you want to view stuff that requires a newer browser install one, don't go the half arsed approach of installing this plugin.

    If you install the plugin you open yourself up to all kinds of security issues and stability issues.

    Also this thing should be easy to block on corporate computers. I know its blockable via GPO but google should also make it easy to block because it has caused so many problems in some peoples environments.

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