Gmail Updates Chat Interface, Makes Video Chat Easier

The Gmail team admits in a blog post that options for video, voice and group chat were "curiously tucked away" in the lower-left corner, so they've taken steps to fix it.

A new chat interface, pictured here, makes a video or voice chat much easier to activate, and if a friend lacks the proper plug-in for video chat, you can simply press a button to push a download link to them to get them up and running. And if you were looking around, they've also moved the "Off the Record" and other helpful features to the new "Actions" menu.

Official Gmail Blog


    It's good that they're working on Google Talk but I personally use the Google Talk Windows application and would love to see updates for that.

    Gmail chat has video chat and their Windows app doesn't, what gives?

    I think the functions take up to much space. Couldn't they put it beside the name and leave more space for chatting?

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