Get More Than Just Directions With The Next Generation Ovi Maps

Turn-by-turn navigation used to mean that you had to fork out several hundred bucks for a satnav that never left the inside of your car. But not anymore. Your Nokia smartphone can now do the same thing and much more – for free*.

Nokia’s free mapping service functions like a fully featured satnav, with customisable voice commands, visual instructions, real-time traffic info, speed warnings, A-GPS positioning and more. It gives you the quickest available route and an estimated travel time for any given trip, whether you’re on foot or on wheels. You can switch between satellite and terrain NAVTEQ maps, and it even flaunts 3D landmarks, which you can zoom in on with a flick of your finger.

The new Ovi Maps also provide comprehensive guides for points of interest, including thousands of Michelin restaurant ideas and Lonely Planet travel advice.

If you’ve got a compatible handset, you can turn it into your very own personal navigation device right now. Just hit the Ovi Store, or visit in your mobile browser.

*Data charges may apply


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