Get Inspired And Learn How To Build An Outdoor Theatre At BackyardTheater

Get Inspired And Learn How To Build An Outdoor Theatre At BackyardTheater

If you’ve been longing to recreate the fun of movies in the park — sans the loud drunk guy that kept yelling “Play some Skynyrd!” in the middle of Finding Nemo — in your own backyard the forums and archives at BackyardTheater can help.

Photo by bubsdaddy.

BackyardTheater isn’t simply a list of “buy this” and “build that” but an active community of backyard theatre enthusiasts all sharing their backyard builds, tips, tricks and answering the questions of newcomers. At the most basic a backyard theatre is just a projector, a surface to project the image onto and some speakers. At BackyardTheater you can find answers to all the in-between variables like how to get a sturdy screen on the cheap — visit your local sign shop and ask them if you can have or buy any large white banners that had to be redone, the back makes for a fantastic screen — or easy ways to set up rear surround speakers — put them on carpenters levels.

While the forums and all the questions and answers found therein might be the most helpful part of BackyardTheater the photo galleries are the most inspiring. You’ll find everything from the lightweight deck-based screen seen in the image above to a screen set up three storeys in the air so the viewers can lay on their backs and watch the movie in comfort. Hit up the link below for more pictures and inspiring how-to guides. While you’re at it check out the via link below for more tips on setting up your outdoor arena.

Have your own experiences setting up and outdoor theatre for neighbourhood movie nights? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

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