From The Tips Box: Power Supplies And Group Emails

From The Tips Box: Power Supplies And Group Emails

Readers offer their best tips for connecting multiple cables to a power supply, assigning keywords to bookmarks in chrome, and sending emails to a group email address in Gmail.

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Use Paper Clips to Connect Multiple Cables to a Power Supply

Gerard shows us a way to connect multiple cables in parallel:

Ever come across a power supply where you had to needle in your power cables into tiny terminal holes – and all you had were IC and alligator clips? What if you wanted to power a number of boards from the same supply?Here is a simple hack which will allow you to connect, wrap , group quite a few power cables in parallel… and all you need is a paper clip. Two paper clips to be precise to connect to the positive and negative terminals. Get the jumbo size clip if you can. It’s much sturdier and does not flex easily. Now bend the clip to around 45 degrees. You may need to adjust the angle depending on your power supply. That’s all there is to it.

Make Gmail Send Group Emails to Your Inbox

Thewestlovesyou tells us how to make group emails that you send show up in your inbox:

We recently switched our work email to Google Apps Premier edition. A huge complaint from our staff is that messages sent to a group that the sender is a part of do not show up in the senders inbox. Users were constantly unsure if messages actually went out, despite my assurance that they did.

I have found a solution to the problem and am now the office hero (for the day at least)

To have a message sent to a group that you are in, show in your inbox: Go to settings accounts send mail as an account that I own. Add that group address. Gmail will send a verification code to the group, add that code. Now any message you send to that group will also show in your inbox.

Use Landmarks to Keep Lawn Mowing Lines Straight

Photo by Johannes Gilger.

Craiglloyd lets us know an easy way to get straight, even lines on your grass:

To form nice, straight lines in your yard, look at something straight ahead of you that’s across the lawn and keep your eye on it the entire time. Use it as a guideline. You’ll hopefully end up with (nearly) perfect straight lines.


  • I’d suggest that no one mow grass like the above, just never keep your eye off where your cutting edge is. Make your first straight line, then follow that; not some distant object. Yet to see a pro mow a bowls green like in the tip.

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