From The Tips Box: OpenDNS, Sports Drinks, And Streaming Downloads

Readers offer their best tips for setting up OpenDNS, what to drink after a workout, and streaming video downloads with VLC.

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Set Up OpenDNS on a Mac

Will shares a quick how-to video he made on setting up OpenDNS on a Mac:

Switching to the fast and secure OpenDNS is an unfamiliar task for

many people, so I created a quick and clear screencast on how to set

up and use OpenDNS on a Mac.

Drink Chocolate Milk Instead of Gatorade for Better Workout Recovery

Photo by Kimberly Jones.

craiglloyd lets us know a lesser-known fact about sports drinks:

Not sure how many of you know this, but instead of drinking Gatorade or other similar energy drinks, try chocolate milk after your next workout. I was at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado and they taught me that chocolate milk gets rid of lactic acid buildup quicker than most energy drinks.

A quick search on Google does reveal some research on this, so it looks to be pretty well-supported.

Stream Videos Downloading in Firefox with VLC

Dexxem reminds us that VLC can play partially downloaded files, such as those in Firefox:

You can stream videos as they download in Firefox by opening the .part file in VLC. Do not "repair" the file when VLC prompts you, and the video will begin playing. Works on most AVI and MKV files but not so successful on MOV files. Works great in combination will sites that link to such as and

Remember to Clean Air Conditioner Filters for Efficient Cooling

Photo by Todd Morris.

Sam reminds us of an important step in keeping up air conditioners:

I have an air conditioner I bought last year, and when I fired it up this summer I realised it wasn't really cooling the place down like it used to. I tried lowering the temperature, raising the fan speed, etc. but to no avail. I was on the verge of buying a new one and mentioned it to a friend, who promptly slid out the filter, cleaned a seemingly impossible amount of build-up from it, then put it back and turned it on. It made a world of difference and has been working great ever since. I have mentioned it to several people afterwards who have had the same results, never having thought to clean the filter. I imagine it saves quite a bit of energy, too.

Just thought I'd mention it. I imagine there's a lot of people out there like me who don't think to take this simple step to avoid sweating in a stuffy apartment.


    I have crazy calender reminders that help me remember to do things like these every 3 months. If i don't have reminders, i simply forget, another reminder would be the changing of the weather seasons to remind people.

    Reminders are good for G.T.D. Getting Things Done! :)

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