Flickriver Shows Off Flickr Collections With Stark Black Backgrounds

Flickr's been changing up its look lately, but the photo sharing site still puts your photos on white backgrounds. If black is more your backdrop, and you like the minimalist look, Flickriver gives you Flickr photos with a new layout.

The free webapp is entirely hooked into Flickr—you can pull up individual photo streams, search for photos, and, if you sign up and log in, check out the photos you've starred on the site. Fade-in buttons provide full-screen views and drop-down info, and the site, as a whole, makes for a great link to send people to if you want them to check out a particular photo set.

Flickriver is a free site that doesn't require a sign-up to use. If you've got a similar Flickr remix tool or site, tell us why you like that one better in the comments.

Flickriver [via @brainopera]


    Even better than this is Fluidr. It's more powerful and you can pretty much not have to visit the ugly Flickr site to do all your flickring.

    It follows the same url structure as flickr, so all you have to do is replace flickr with fluidr in the url

    eg: -->

    This is pretty popular in the Flickr app garden

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