Firefox 4 Pre-Beta Candidate Brings Tabs And Top And Other Changes

Windows/Mac/Linux: The first pre-beta build of Firefox 4 hit servers today, bringing several changes to the veteran browser, including a new tabs-on-top interface, a refreshed overall look and consolidated menus.

The update's still rough around the edges, and as a pre-beta, it's a very early-adopter download only. But if you're eager to play with the bleeding edge of Firefox, you can download the release (Mozilla appropriately names their nightlies "Minefield") here. (Look for the appropriate download for your platform with a name like firefox-4.0b2pre.en-US.)

Firefox 4.0 pre-beta nightly builds [Mozilla]


    Still not a big fan of the tabs on top.

      Indeed. The address bar below the tab seems rather a bad idea, as you probably use your tabs more than the address bar, therefore your tabs should be below the address bar to be 'closer' to your mouse, which is usually positioned somewhere in the middle of the screen.

      Still, hopefully extensions will be able to change that.

        Tabs on bottom is an easy fix, go to custom and un-check "tabs on top"

        On the other hand...
        I am missing the option for "recently closed tabs"... that saves my hide more than I wish to admit.

    You can get around most extension compatibility issues by going into about:config, creating a new boolean value 'extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0b' and setting it to false.

    It doesn't fix everything though.. Greasemonkey is about the only one that I've noticed is really broken.. unless anyone has any suggestions.

      To answer my own question.. the link referred to here appears to work:

    "tabs-on-top interface, ... consolidated menus."
    I'm a fan of Firefox, but talk about ripping off ideas from Opera.

    That said, I'm looking forward to them coming to Firefox. It's great in Opera.

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