Dry Wet Shoes Using Your Laptop

Good shoes are essential travel items for dedicated runners, but pose a challenge for packing if you decide to take your exercise in the rain. One hacker's nifty solution? Dry them using the fan on your laptop PC.

Angus Logan (who last featured on this site using a water bottle to maximise his seat space on a plane) braved the elements in New York on a recent work trip for a long and wet run, but then found himself stuck with damp shoes and clothes. Hanging the clothes overnight is often sufficient, but shoes often need a little more encouragement. His solution? Load up a processor-intensive application on his laptop, position the shoes next to the laptop, and leave the whole thing running overnight.

Of course, if your hotel has a decent heater, you can try using that instead — but your whole room will get a lot hotter as a result, and you won't necessarily get the blast effect. I don't think this solution would necessarily have helped solve my laundry woes during last year's Hand Luggage Only experiment, but for shoes, it's definitely a possibility worth exploring if you get caught out by wet weather.

Running in the rain when travelling is OK - how to dry your shoes with a laptop


    Of course, if you are in a hotel room you can also use the bathroom hair dryer.

      It would probably be a lot darn quicker with the hair dryer as well. I ran a test on a Dell e4200. The hottest temp I saw out of the laptop was 60 degress Celsius.
      ( http://blog.wisefaq.com/2010/06/21/laptops-and-burns-the-problem/ )

    it's so much quicker to just stuff the wet shoes with newspaper, and change it over after the first half hour. The paper will absorb the moisture much quicker.

    omg this is worse than using prime95 to heat up your dorm room.

    Just take out the laces and the inner sole, and stuff the shoes with newspaper. Wait an hour or so, then replace the paper and leave over night. By the morning it will be dry.

    Drying shoes out via heater just makes them smell

    Buy some good GORE-TEX XCR shoes. Waterproof and Breathable. Or some other waterproof technology in your shoes.

    I don't know about you but my shoes smell when they're dry, God knows how bad they'll make the room smell when they've been slowly heated all night. Oh Poooo !!

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