Dropbox Adds Public Folder Sharing On The Web

Dropbox Adds Public Folder Sharing On The Web

Dropbox just made sharing files, pictures, music and video with your friends or the public web as easy as right-clicking a folder. Even better the page you share from lets anyone preview your media files right in the browser.

In Dropbox clients at version 0.8 and later, right-clicking on a folder in your Dropbox folder now brings up a “Get shareable link” option.

Click it, and Dropbox creates a short URL (db.tt/something) and opens your new shared folder in a browser. Images open up in gallery form, videos and music get their own tiny players, and one more click can send the page to your Twitter or Facebook accounts. It is, in other words, amazingly easy, simple and fun to use.

Not seeing the right-click option in your Dropbox folder? You can use your Dropbox web interface to get the link, or upgrade your client to a beta version.

New Sharing Model (omg)! [Dropbox Forums]

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