Drinking Tea And Coffee Can Be Good For Your Heart

We already know that tea is good for sunburn and coffee is good for your brain. Despite the latter's reputation for getting the heart racing, it seems drinking both could also have cardiac health benefits.

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BBC News reports on a long-term study of 40,000 people in the Netherlands over 13 years which found a link between consumption of tea or coffee and a reduced level of heart disease. Drinking between two and four cups a day appeared to lower the risk of heart disease, without any demonstrable increase in the risk of dying from other causes.

The results aren't a slam-dunk for drinking endless cups of coffee: the effect appeared to disappear for people who drank more than four cups a day. There wasn't a similar apparent ceiling for tea drinkers, though it remains unclear whether the Dutch preference for tea without milk was a relevant factor. And as the article notes, there's plenty of other things you should do to maintain a healthy heart besides drinking caffeinated beverages, exercise foremost amongst them. Nonetheless, we'll always welcome any evidence that lets us have a cup of tea.

Tea and coffee 'protect against heart disease' [BBC News]


    I wonder what the effect of drinking 4 cans of sugar free cola per day is.

      Here you go:

      You have 45mg of caffeine per can of Diet Coke, or 35mg of caffeine in a Coke Zero. http://www.energyfiend.com/caffeine-content/

      Compare that to the caffeine content of:
      - A single espresso [77mg]
      - A cup of brewed coffee [108mg]
      - A cup of drip/filter coffee [145mg or so]

      So generally four cups of coffee, likely to be filter coffee [in an office], or maybe some espresso based coffees.

      It's difficult because different coffees have different caffeine contents, and there is no standard size.

      But basically you're on the same caffeine as a double espresso, or a mug of drip coffee.

      The effect? Increased risk of cancer, due to the artificial sweeteners 950 (acesulphane K) and 951 (aspartame). http://www.mbm.net.au/health/worst_additives.htm

      So if you still want the caffeine, just stick to the normal sugary kind. I prefer V or Mother, personally.

    *this link will take you straight to the list, sorry: http://www.energyfiend.com/the-caffeine-database

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