DownThemAll 2.0 Beta Adds Great New Features To The Killer Download Manager

DownThemAll 2.0 Beta Adds Great New Features To The Killer Download Manager

Firefox: DownThemAll, the Firefox extension that lets you automate and supercharge your downloads, is getting a big upgrade with a 2.0 release. Download throttling, private browsing support, Flash video and HTML5 support and lots more power user additions are on the way.

DownThemAll, for the unfamiliar, is a Firefox add-on that’s a serious timesaver. Find a web page full of images, MP3s, program files or other things you need to grab all at once, or just grab those items starting with “Fi”, and you can pull it off. The developer suggests it’s a preview release, and not to use it with work/production systems, but those with a tolerance of quirks can find the following new stuff inside:

  • Speed limits – Allow to define maximum download speeds:
    • Global preference
    • Per Server
    • Per Download
    • Per Server download limits
  • Mirror Management – Add/Remove/Edit download locations (mirrors)
  • Firefox Private Browsing Mode support
  • Parsing of text-only links
  • and integration
  • Media-Sniffing: When enabled flv and and other videos will be recognised (http/https only)
  • DownThemAll! Selector – Select links and images by clicking
  • Fine grained queue control: Remove/Remove complete by filters
  • Metalink 4 (IETF) support
  • Support for partial checksums and recovery from Metalinks
  • Manager toolbar now has two modes: Icons, Icons and text
  • Video DownloadHelper integration (in cooperation with mig, the VDH author)
  • Lots of small features

It is, in other words, a full upgrade of DownThemAll’s already significant powers, and very helpful for those who would otherwise do a lot of right-click downloading. It’s a free download, works wherever Firefox does.

DownThemAll! 2.0 beta 1 [via Kabatology]

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