doubleTwist Player For Android Syncs Media And Metadata

Android: doubleTwist already lets you sync music, pictures and videos from computers to Android devices, but its native Android player ups the ante. It supports iTunes playlists, ratings information and play counts, making the doubleTwist combo a true "iTunes for Android".

DoubleTwist's player also supports audio and video podcast syncing and playing, and depending on your preferences, might be a bit more tidy-looking than the native Android music player — personally, I still like the looks of Cubed. But the doubleTwist player's real advantage is its integration with the doubleTwist desktop software for Windows and Mac. Because those apps can pull playlists and other data from iTunes and Windows Media Player, Android users can have the same kind of mobile-and-desktop synchronicity that iPod owners enjoy — rate something on your iPod, and it's rated in iTunes.

doubleTwist is a free download for Android units. Tell us what you think of doubleTwist's efforts, and what you'd like to see added next, in the comments.

doubleTwist Player [doubleTwist]


    I can't find this app on my HTC Magic, anyone else having trouble finding it on the Australian marketplace?

      When I search the Australian market on my HTC Desire, it comes up as doubleTwist Player.

      It seems that it does not work on Android 1.6 but I cannot find any comments about it anywhere.

        Works fine on Android 1.6 here.

    This is a very nice looking player but when you install it and use a headset to control anything other than use their player (doubletwist) it continues to activate their music player even after force closing the app. Also it needs a widget. Uninstall.

    Who would want to use iTunes anyway. Songbird is so much better than iTunes and I can sync to my phone with that...

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