Do You Have A Work Buddy?

Work can be stressful, but a good buddy can make things more manageable in many aspects. Work site WebWorkerDaily outlines how having a work buddy can benefit your well-being and performance.

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The right work buddy can help you overcome obstacles and find new and creative ways to approach problems. WebWorkerDaily says that a work buddy should be someone who understands your work, and who you can have mutual respect for. More importantly, it's a two-way relationship, with both of you supporting and providing insight to the other. WWD's Celine Roque notes her own experience:

[My work buddy]helps me stay on track with my projects, keeps me focused when I'm not feeling motivated, and gives me professional advice. She has become my go-to person for almost every concern I have with work, and I try to pay it back by doing the same things for her.

I find that since we've started this new working relationship, my output has become more consistent, and I've also had the time to work on side projects that I was "too busy" to try before. On her end, she tells me that my encouragement helped her start work on a stagnant project.

Let's hear more about your work buddy—or your ideal but as-yet-nonexistent work buddy—in the comments.

Get More Done With a Work Buddy [WebWorkerDaily]


    Yeah, I have a work buddy. Shes in the office next to mine. She deals with all the clients, orders, payments, etc. . . while I do all the graphic design and printing.
    I call her my work girlfriend and she calls me her work boyfriend. The joke being that we spend more time with each other every day at work than we do with our real partners.

    Id be lost without her at work.

    And no, its not an office affair, lol.

      I have a female co-worker as my work buddy, and in my last 2 jobs it was the same. Someone to bounce ideas and complaints off as we're in the same boat. My wife has called them all my work girlfriends too haha, but it's a running joke!

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