DIY Moleskine Case Protects And Camouflages Your iPad

DIY Moleskine Case Protects And Camouflages Your iPad

If you don’t add the Apple sticker, a DIY, Moleskine-style iPad case offers quite a few advantages over Apple’s own model. It feels better in the hand, has a customisable backing, and best of all, doesn’t advertise your $600+, easily-lifted device.

Commenter theDevilsDue pointed us to this how-to at the Modern Day Pirates site, wherein the author details everything that’s great about the DODOcase iPad cover — except the long wait on shipping, and the $US49.95 price. Inspired by the look, feel and protection of an elastic-banded Moleskine notebook, he rounded up supplies and used a class in bookbinding to create a smart Moleskine knock-off case. Here’s his supply list, the majority of it bought at Hollanders but easily duplicated elsewhere:

1 sheet of liner paper – $US3.50
1 sheet of Imitation Leather Black Morocco (brown also available) – $US6.75
1 sheet Davey Binder’s Board .098 – $US3.75
PVA Glue – Thin 4 ounces – $US3.25
Black elastic ribbon – AC Moore – $US1.50
Total = $US18.75

We’d guess that the iPad’s glass screen prevents the melding of a notebook with this case, but as Brandon points out a separate Moleskine now looks nice and orderly next to your iPad.

How to Make a Moleskine iPad Case [The Modern Day Pirates]


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