Display Your Collections In Small Spaces With Photographs

We showed you how to use photographs to help dispose of sentimental clutter, but what if you have a collection you want to keep and display but can't do so effectively? This space-saving hack may help.

Home-centred blog Apartment Therapy suggests a clever way to display a collection in a minimal amount of space. Rather than using shelving or a giant display case to showcase your items — action figures, gem stones, furniture from 18th century flea circuses — you instead photograph the items and arrange the photographs to your liking. In the example photo here Star Wars figures have been photographed like traditional portraits and framed for display — more interesting and low-key than having a bunch of action figures on your mantle.

Check out the article at the link below for more tips or take a tour of the apartment where they found the cool Star Wars pictures.

Portrait of a Collection [Apartment Therapy]


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