Dazzboard Sync Your Videos, Photos, Music, And Even iTunes Library Across Devices

If you've been looking for a simple solution to syncing your media across computers and multiple devices from a basic MP3 player to your Android phone, Dazzboard is an impressive and free syncing tool.

Dazzboard is a web-browser based but local syncing solution. You download the Dazzboard plugin which integrates into Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Once you've installed the plugin you visit Dazzboard.com and use your web browser to manage your files. It's a strange setup in the sense that it feels like you're using a web-based syncing solution but you're actually doing all the file moving and syncing on your own computer.

As strange as it might seem at first the actual process of syncing music and photos on our test machine between Windows 7 and the HTC Hero Android-based phone was a breeze. The Dazzboard auto-detected all the devices we plugged into it: iPods — phones, and portable media devices — without a hitch. You can check to see if Dazzboard is compatible with your devices here.

If you're away from your home machine and you'd like to take Dazzboard for a spin, check out their virtual demo here. Aside from the lack of tiny lag during the initial detection and syncing, the demo version is identical to the experience of using it with a real device.

Have a favourite tool for syncing movies, music and more to your portable devices? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Dazzboard [via The Unofficial Apple Weblog]


    iPhone integration would be lovely.. were Apple willing to play ball. This is why I can't wait for Android for the iPhone to be completed so I can not worry about where my media is synched.

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