Cut Slacks Into Shorts

Cut Slacks Into Shorts

If you’ve got old but comfortable pants — anything but jeans, really — doing nothing much for your wardrobe, consider cutting them into shorts. The instructions are more simple than you’d think, and the results can be pretty surprising.

Menswear blog The Sunday Best suggests taking on this simple advice from GQ, which mainly suggests cutting your pants an inch below your knee with good scissors and going from there. As Sunday Best suggests, the results can look a lot better than “cut-offs”, especially when it comes to fit:

The most compelling reason is fit. Most shorts for men are cut as though you’re going to hide small mammals in the leg holes. More tailored shorts charge for the benefit of actually fitting. Pants, on the other hand, fit the way your lower garments should – close to the leg, with a proper amount of space for your…er…important part.There are also lots of pants on the discount rack that might make for decent shorts, if not full pants, so keep your eyes okpen the next time you’re forced to go clothes shopping against your will.

Make Your Shorts [The Sunday Best via Put This On]


  • I do that with old tracky dacks. Cut the legs off and use the “shorts” for PJ pants. I don’t think I would do it with regular pants though…

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