Combination DIY Stand And Notebook Case Disguises Your iPad


We’ve covered some neat DIY cases for your iPad before, but this particular notebook case not only disguises your coveted device, but also serves as an adjustable stand for all your typing needs.

This Instructables project uses a hardcover spiral-bound notebook, two layers of foam core, a few sheets of black paper or thin fabric, adhesive velcro, and ribbon, along with a few craft tools. The notebook needs to be gutted and then assembled with the frame and velcro, so that the case can serve as a stand. For more instructions on how to make the case, check out the guide below.

If you’ve got a thing for Moleskine notebooks, you can opt to create your own Moleskine-style iPad case instead. It doesn’t have the cheap iPad stand going for it, though.

iPad Notebook Safe [Instructables]


  • Nice idea, but the stand part looks a bit iffy.

    This is my (ugly but it works) stand hack – see pic at

    Take a rigid plastic A4/Letter size loose-leaf binder and:

    1. Hold the binder closed using three double-sided mounting tape (I used Magic Mounts) at the corners and centre of the lower sides.

    2. To keep the side stiff, gently stuff the binder with cardboard strips from a discarded fruit case.

    3. Stick a non-slip rubber cushion (x2) at each corner of the ring side on the front of the binder, and flip the binder over.

    4. Get two teacup hooks and saw off the catches with a hack-saw leaving on each a stump slightly less taller than the thickness of the iPad. Sandpaper each stub to smooth, and mount on the lower side of the binder at the third and two-thirds marks.

    Place your iPad in the landscape position on the binder supported by the two stubs – make sure that the iPad control button is on the right side so that the long side without any controls abuts the stubs.

    You now have a natural mount for typing and have less risk of straining your neck by looking at the screen at a more gentle angle.

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