Coles Recycling Reusable Bags For Furniture

Many large supermarkets will have a recycling bin for plastic bags if you've chosen to use them, but for the next fortnight Coles is taking a slightly different tack, offering a recycling service for reusable polypropylene shopping bags that have passed their prime.

Picture by lululemonathletica

The whole point of reusable shopping bags is, of course, to reuse them, but they're less useful once they've developed a few holes or got stained beyond belief. Between June 3 and 17, Coles is collecting past-their-prime bags and donating them to a scheme to convert them into school furniture. Certainly a better alternative than sending them to landfill.



    I will support this one. Here at home I am really reusing and recycle things here. I have to be creative so that I could save money. I also use this kind of bag in going to supermarkets.

    You still have to buy a new bag though heh heh heh

    Why only collect them for just a fortnight? They should do it all the time.

    They're not advertising this program that well either. There is no mention of this program on their web site, though I found some info eventually via their search function in the form of a media release.

    Coles and other supermarkets should offer this service all the time.

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