CintaNotes Is A Tiny, Portable Note Manager With Built-in Dropbox Sync

Windows only: Freeware note manager CintaNotes clips text from anywhere with a hotkey, finds notes as you type, and now the portable version synchronises between PCs using Dropbox — without closing the application.

We've mentioned CintaNotes before, but since then it has updated with numerous features, including the ability to sync through Dropbox without closing the application on either side — it will detect that a change has been made from another PC, and automatically refresh with the latest notes.

Other than the Dropbox integration, one of the more useful features is that CintaNotes will store the URL of any web page that you clip a note from, making it a great way to capture notes as you browse the web. CintaNotes is a free download for Windows only.

CintaNotes [via Addictive Tips]


    I get CintaNotes. I've been using it on my desktop machine for a few months. Now I want to sync with my laptop, but I'm clueless about DropBox. How does that work? Would you get the same place by putting it in LiveMesh sync folders?

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