ChromeVis Adds Customisable Text Magnification To Google Chrome

ChromeVis Adds Customisable Text Magnification To Google Chrome

Chrome: If you’re looking to magnify web page text while preserving the layout ChromeVis enlarges the text for easy reading without blowing up the whole page and distorting the layout like traditional magnifying tools.

ChromeVis is a lightweight Chrome extensions that places — when active — a box across the top of your Chrome window. Highlighted text appears in this box with the colour and magnification settings you specify for easy reading. ChromeVis has a variety of customisable keyboard shortcuts to move forward and backward through the text incrementally — by character, word, sentence or paragraph — and for enlarging and reducing the size of the text.

If you’re in the market for a text magnifier it’s a very clean solution with a spread of customisation options. ChromeVis is free and works wherever Google Chrome does. Have a favourite Chrome extension or reading tool to share? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

ChromeVis [Google Chrome Extensions via Download Squad]

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