Brut Google Maps Offers Android Turn-By-Turn Directions

Google Maps' turn-by-turn directions feature for Android hasn't made it to Australia yet. If you're keen for a free turn-by-turn application for your Android, the Brut Google Maps mod might fit the bill.

Commenter Chris suggested Brut Google Maps in a comment on our original post about the lack of official turn-by-turn so far in Australia. The modification takes the existing Google text directions (which, of course, sometimes need to be taken with a pinch of salt) and converts them into a turn-by-turn format. It also adds map caching, which could be very handy in more remote areas.

I did my level best to put the Brut mod to a proper test, but it flat out refused to install on the HTC Legend I had handy (though forum comments suggest other people have successfully done so on that device and others available here). If you have tried it out in Australia, let us know how well it works in the comments.

Brut Google Maps


    It does what it claims to do however the voice instructions do not ask you to turn left/right etc until you are exactly in front of the street or just past it which makes for heavy braking and dangerous driving. I used it once. I won't use it again. (HTC DESIRE)

    I have been using the brut version of Google Maps on my HTC Magic (CM5).

    @Teagan I also used it in that state, although I still found the map useful. I discovered only last that the app had been updated, and now had the correct timings. Unfortunately now, when you turn onto a road, it says something to the order of "continue on turn right onto Smith st". Annoying, but I'm sure it will be fixed, just as the timings were.

      @Phillip I haven't used it since the update. Thanks for the heads up I'll try it out again.

    I have brut installed on my 'HTC Legend' not sure what brut version it it does work for offline browser but I haven't tried offline nav.

    I'm using the latest version of this on my Nexus One, works pretty much flawlessly. Of course, I already have GPS in my car so it doesn't get that much use there.


    Just download & install. Then you will have both original and modded maps installed at once. If you want to have only my version, check section below."

    Thanks for the info, XDA, you elitist pricks >:(

      huh? what's the problem?

    I used it for a long drive (brut) on my desire. It does work but as Teagan above says it doesn't give u enough warning to turn.

    Also, I had every street coming up as Unknown on the display, although it was still direction me.

    It's not quite there yet and I am now back on my iPhone using TomTom and loving it.

    \o/ Lifehacker fame at last!
    I've been using Brut for 3-4 months now. The delayed voice prompt (plus not showing current roads names properly) were fixed last month, and added Maverick style map cacheing as well, which saves you when the data signal dies (or roaming charges kick in). Just been on a trip to the UK, and was able to compare official Google version with Brut, and with the cacheing (esp. if you swoop over your intended root via wifi before the journey to cache the maps), Brut is much better (and I think the "continue on continue on" voice glitch is on official Goog version too - think it's the map data).

    Only downside to Brut apart from the stutter is that there's no official update service - you have to periodically revisit Brut's site to get new versions, which is probably why Teagan missed the improvements.

    Only thing is now, hope Goog will update the source maps - the Perth freeway extensions are still not in Google maps, 2 years after opening...

    Oh, and don't forget to buy Brut a droidburger for his stellar work.

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