BP Connect Offering 20% Off iTunes Cards

Until June 16, BP Connect stores are offering 20% off all iTunes cards purchases. That isn't quite as good as the effective 25% off represented by the frequently-seen "two $20 cards for $30" offer, but still not a bad saving (and BP-Citi MasterCard customers get an additional 5% off, effectively matching that kind of deal). [via OzBargain]


    Put the environment before your discounts: don't give any money to BP until they fix the oil spill and pay for the consequences for years to come.

    BP would be needing all the help they can get in making sales now day's. Not a chance I'll be shopping there!

    Yeah, just watch out for oil spills. And hopefully your iTunes voucher doesn't explode

    I'm pretty sure BP won't be making any profit from 20pc off.. It's probably more of a distraction ... "Here! Listen to music and forget about the sh^t we have done!"

    @Peter: less of a distraction, more of an attempt to forestall a boycott

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