Big Stretch Reminder Prompts You To Get Off The PC Once In A While

Windows only: Freeware notification utility Big Stretch Reminder prompts you at regular intervals to get off the PC and take a break — a handy way to help prevent RSI or just give your mind a break.

Once you've installed the utility, you can head into the settings to change the reminder message from random tips to a specific message or change the frequency of the alerts. If you're looking for a more full-featured solution to your RSI issues you might want to check out WorkRave instead, but this utility works well — or you could always use it as a custom reminder for something else. Big Stretch Reminder is a free download for Windows only.

Big Stretch RSI Reminder [MonkeyMatt via Guiding Tech]


    nice... any recommendation for linux? i saw StretchClock seems quite good, gonna try later

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