An Industrial Vibe: Workspace In A Wool Mill

An Industrial Vibe: Workspace In A Wool Mill

Featuring the Shades of Gray workspace brought some other grey-wall-lovers out of the woodwork. Today’s workspace is combination bedroom and workspace housed in an old wool mill.

Lifehacker reader wickedcoolmatt has a bedroom that does double duty as his workspace. He writes:

Working as a web developer, graphic designer, and photographer, having an awesome workspace is key. My apartment is located in an old converted woolen mill. It features 16-foot ceilings and with huge bay windows. It offers a great industrial feel with wood paneled ceilings, brick walls, and wood support beams.

In addition to the actual workspace being tidy and soothing, right outside his window the Winooski River bubbles by, complete with waterfall for awesome ambient noise. Check out his room and view in the photos below:

An Industrial Vibe: Workspace in a Wool Mill [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]

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