Add PDFs To Your iBooks Collection Using Dropbox

Add PDFs To Your iBooks Collection Using Dropbox

With the latest iTunes update, PDF files can be added to your iBooks reading collection through an iTunes sync. As the Simple Help blog points out, though, you can also just drop PDFs into your Dropbox space and add them from there.

Once your PDF file has synced and uploaded to your Dropbox account, search it out on your iPad or iPhone. Hit the “Open With” button in the upper-right corner, and select iBooks as your destination, and you’re done. Of course, you’ll still want to convert to ePub format if you want the full ebook experience, and want to read on other devices, but for simple PDF syncing, Dropbox seems like the path of least resistance—which, coincidentally, runs right around iTunes.

How to add PDFs to iBooks using Dropbox [Simple Help]


  • This method works for any of the other PDF readers too, like GoodReader, which does not have as fluid an interface for reading PDF documents as iBooks does…

    • Hey Ben, have you used the latest version of GoodReader? It’s way better than iBooks for viewing PDF’s as it has brilliant support for two page viewing which is really useful for brochures or magazines which spread pictures across two pages.

      Mind you, I’m talking about the iPad version.

    • Oh my God! Having just put in my comment on the iPad version, I thought I’d check out iBooks on the iPhone. Big mistake. I have a 3G iPhone, and upgraded it to iOS 4. Ugh, it’s so slow. iBooks on the iPhone just doesn’t work for me. iBooks places a LARGE amount of whitespace on each side of the screen (WHAT THE F**K FOR?). It just ruins the whole reading experience by narrowing the readable column of text. And iBooks on the iPhone will not open a large PDF file.

      I’m sticking with Stanza for reading.

      PDF’s on GoodReader for the iPhone are no where as good as the iPad version, but at least Goodreader on the iPhone will read a PDF which I couldn’t do in iBooks.

      Love the iPad though. Both iBooks and GoodReader are great (that is, books in iBooks and PDF’s in GoodReader).

      Hmm, that was a long reply.

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