AdBlock For Safari Released, Includes All The Usual Customisable Goodness

Windows/Mac: Safari 5 is out, and there are already quite a few extensions available. One of the most sought after, however, is AdBlock, and the developer of AdBlock for Chrome has already ported it to Safari.

We've shown you how to enable extensions in Safari, so once you do that the installation is quite simple. Just go to AdBlock for Safari's home page, download the extension and double click on it — it'll install itself right away, no restart necessary. You'll see a new button in Safari's toolbar with the AdBlock logo on it, which links you to Adblock's editable preferences, filter lists and whitelist so you can fully customise what you do and don't block. If you want to disable or uninstall the extension, you can do so from the Extensions tab in Safari's preferences.

As always, we encourage you to add sites you like to your whitelist. A lot of sites have some really obnoxious ads, and we love a good AdBlock as much as anyone on those pages, but we and our friends at other blogs 'round the net make our living from ad support, and are able to keep our sites free to you guys for the same reason. So please take a bit of time to tweak your preferences and your whitelist for sites you support; we really appreciate it.

AdBlock is a free download, works wherever Safari does.

Safari AdBlock


    There are 2 available adblockers for Safari, AdBlocker (which is always kept up to date) and adblock which is a year or so old! just thought i should let you guys know!

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