A Comprehensive Guide To Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

I figured once I knew how to apply cell borders without using a mouse that there wasn't much more I could learn about Excel keyboard shortcuts, but a series of blog posts rounding up spreadsheet time savers demonstrates that there's always more to learn for keyboard shortcut jockeys.

Microsoft's Excel 2010 blog has been running a series on keyboard shortcuts, but even if you're using an earlier version, many of them still apply. My own particular favourite is Shift-Space to select the current row (I can't believe I never bothered to look this up). There's also a link to an even more comprehensive list of 214 Excel shortcuts in PDF format if you really want to get keyboard-efficient.

Excel Team Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts – Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


    Here's one that not many people know. Shift + MouseScrollDn groups up Groups.
    Shift + MouseScrollUp ungroups them.

      Thanks, Mate.

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