Wikipedia New Look Exits Beta

Wikipedia's long-in-testing "new look" went official this week, with all users moved over to the cleaner, easier-to-use interface.

The most obvious change is in the simplified tab structure at the top of each page, but the real improvements appear when you actually edit articles. The editing toolbar has been reorganised, and there's a wizard to make it easier to insert links without needing to know HTML. If you really don't like the new version, you can switch back to the older look using the 'Take me back' link at the top of the screen (though this is only available to registered users).

Editing Wikipedia can still seem a daunting task, so check out our guide to Wikipedia editing for beginners. (While the guide was written when the old interface was in place, virtually all its tips remain relevant.)



    I've heard somewhere (I think a google conference or something) but something about wikipedia using html5. Is this also implemented in ths new look or is currently being worked out?
    Or am I retarded?

    This just looks worse, stupider. That doesn't bother me that much, but the search bar location does. Where it was before was quicker and easier.

    First youtube, then google, now wiki... why do they insist on making everything look worse, while calling it an upgrade?

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