Why Being A Geek Makes You Happy

Why Being A Geek Makes You Happy

Technology often gets slammed for its allegedly intrusive and damaging effect on our lives, but a new study suggests what many a gadget freak already knows: owning useful technology really can make you happier.

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BBC News reports on a study by BCS which surveyed 35,000 people around the world and found that access to technologies — particularly communications devices such as mobile phones — was clearly linked to increased levels of happiness. And with geekdom often seen as a white male phenomenon, the study’s findings in that area are something of a surprise:

It found that women in developing countries, and people of both sexes with low incomes or poor education, were most influenced emotionally by their access to technology.

That’s not to say technology on its own is going to make you happy, but you shouldn’t automatically assume that it doesn’t. It’s easy to focus on the potential negative impacts of owning a smart phone and forget how mind-bogglingly useful it is. For more happiness-enhancing strategies, check out why you should examine what went right as well as what went wrong.

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  • One of my “being a geek” moments that made my day:

    A few weeks back my friend and his mum and i were shopping to get a whole range of spices and herbs to make a curry, and we got down the list and saw cilantro. We had no clue what cilantro was so we asked an employee at the supermarket if they had any, to which he thought very hard and said no. It was at that time that i took out my Milestone and Googled cilantro and looked if there were alternatives, and i went to Wikipedia, which redirected me to coriander. I read on to find out cilantro is a Spanish name for coriander, which i was standing right in front of. I even image searched the leaves to make sure they were the right shape. My friends mum gave me a smile and said “well aren’t you handy with your phone” and it made my day.

    Its great to be able to look things up on the run, and it makes my life a whole lot easier. 🙂

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