We're Working Too Hard, So We Want To Be Trusted

Technology can make us happier, but it can also make it harder to strike a balance between home and work life. A new study suggests that many Australians feel we're being worked too hard, but that we value being allowed to make our own workplace decisions.

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A survey of 1,600 workers in Australia, the US, the UK and Germany by content security firm Clearswift suggests that technology is playing a role in blurring those boundaries. Here's the summary from the company press release:

60% of Australian office workers believe they are working harder this year than last year, with 45% believing they also need to work longer hours. Boundaries between work and home lives continue to blur, with 48% of Aussie office workers and 76% of managers, saying work tasks overlap into their home lives a minimum of twice per week but usually more. This is, in part, fuelled by 52% who use their home laptop for work, and 38% who use a smart phone as an ‘always-on’ link to office life.

While those trends were also seen across the board, Australian workers gave the highest ranking to "being trusted to manage their own time" when it came to workplace benefits, with 70% of respondents saying this was important. Apparently, being able to prioritise our own work and make the odd emergency school pick-up dash is pretty vital. (Unsurprisingly, salary was the top-ranked benefit in every country.)

Do you feel like work and home life blur too often? What strategies do you use to keep them separate? Share your ideas in the comments.



    Just remember. . .
    No one on their death bed regrets not working enough.

    "We’re Working Too Hard, So We Want To Be Trusted"

    Really? Maybe I missed a statement supporting causality, but isn't that headline a gross misinterpretation of the study?

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