Wearing Winter Clothing? Maybe You Can Skimp The Ironing

Ironing is rarely anyone's favourite chore. Lifehacker reader Peter suggests that if you're layering on the clothes, you don't need to worry so much about getting your business shirt looking creaseless.

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Peter writes:

So I was in a rush to work today and I wondered if I could get away with wearing a shirt with only the collar ironed to wear under a sweater . . . It looks the same!! So as long as you can leave it on at work for the day, no one will notice the difference. I think I will save some money from the dry cleaners in winter or time at home ironing shirts for the week.

I'm very much in two minds about this. I dry shirts on hangers and hardly ever iron them in the first place, so if I've bothered to switch the iron on at all, I'm going to finish the job. But then I'm in a career where I can get away with looking like a slob a lot of the time. If your boss wants you to look neat, this could be a sensible solution.

So let's open it up to the Lifehacker readership. Would you contemplate collar-only-ironing plus a jumper? What are your ironing time saving tricks? We're waiting, slightly wrinkled, for your comments.


    I am baffled that we need someone to tell us this.
    I look forward to winter all year for this exact reason. As long as you dont dry the shirt with the collar creased most collars will not even need ironing.

    LH is getting abit braindead imho

    They crank up the heating in my office so much that there is no other choice but to ditch the outer garments, leaving a shirt and tie.

    I too dry my shirts on hangers, only ironing if I'm going to an interview, meeting, wedding or funeral, no point otherwise.

    I'm baffled that anyone would allow an employer to tell them what to wear. Who wears 'business shirts' by choice? And what other reason would there be for an adult to wear one?

    I can't believe this is posted. I've been doing this my entire working career (and was advised to do it by my father when he was just a police constable).

    I iron for functions or if I'm expecting the climate control in my office to be off.

    Even if you dry on a hanger it's still easy to tell that your shirt hasn't been ironed, and it is very noticable and looks bad. If your work is that casual you are much better off going with a t-shirt than a non-ironed shirt.

    I'm extremely glad this was posted.

    All my life, I'd assumed that I was the only person who didn't have x-ray vision, and that everyone else could see the creases on the shirts I wear underneath cardigans.

    For all those collar ironers out there since you are so lazy you will love this. If there is a hair straightener in your living quarters use that to iron your collars it is a lot less bother than setting up you iron and ironing board.

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