Want To Make Money In Tech? Move To Canberra

OK, it's cold and the roads are confusingly circular and the airport bus is not all it could be. But if you're hoping to exploit your tech skills and earn some bucks, Canberra looks like the place to be right now.

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Ironically, according to a study by recruitment firm Peoplebank (which kindly got passed on to Lifehacker this morning), the reason for that is that contract positions in Canberra are drying up as a result of a government shift to appoint full-time workers. As a result, contract workers are moving to Sydney and Melbourne, which means that IT salaries are on the up for contract roles, though that somewhat depends on your location and existing skill set. Peoplebank's Labour Hire Index for federal ICT workers has fallen 50 per cent from its peak in August 2006, while the number of contractors hired has dropped by 25%.

In the long term, though, that exodus might mean seem roles see their salaries rise in the near future. That's already evident in some sectors, Peoplebank argues:

For instance, rates for senior .NET developers have risen from $90/hr in November 2009, to around $110/hr in April 2010. Rates for senior business analysts rose from to $90 in November 2009 to $95 in April 2010.

The bottom line? If you've got relevant skills (especially with Microsoft products) and no immediate job in sight, Canberra might be a wise choice.



    The rental market is pretty tight here too, virtually all low cost rental places are gone, taken by university students, graduate recruitment and public servants who have moved to Canberra at the start of the year to minimise relocation stress (schools, etc.) Added to that is the influx of party staffers who come and stay while parliament is sitting, usually in hotel rooms or short term rentals.

    One option for people in Sydney is to do the weekly commute- that is travel home on the regular coaches to Sydney on Friday nights, and then catch the returning coach on late Sunday afternoons. Planned well the whole trip should only cost you $30 return.

      Why recommend such an insanely ridiculous concept?
      Canberra Rent is stupidly excessive, and housing affordability is non-existent. If you want to live the life you live in Places like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane you have to charge like a wounded bull otherwise you are not surviving in Canberra. To be absolutely honest This was not a well thought out article. It's border line insanity.

        Plus 1 on this.

        Canberra is one of the most expensive places to live in the country. There's no real net gain to be had by working there, rental properties are stupidly hard to get into and you're now looking at +400k to purchase a 1br unit closer into town. Public transport is next to useless unless you like spending hours touring the suburbs as the one bus per hour trawls over its route.

        Do yourself a favour and avoid the place.

    I agree with Kev especially when you read bloggs like http://egovau.blogspot.com/2010/04/what-value-should-government-place-on.html

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