Vodafone And 3 Finally Announce iPad Plans

Vodafone and 3 have finally joined Telstra and Optus, announcing iPad SIM plans just two days before the device finally goes on sale. The good news? There's some cheap and unlimited options on offer.

Oddly, Vodafone and 3 aren't offering the same plans: there's some clear differences (though both roll over unused data if you top up before it expires). Here's the Vodafone options:

The $14.95 for 1GB is cheaper than rival offers from Telstra and Optus with a similar expiry date. If you were on the road for a month and using the iPad as your main device, the $49.95 "unlimited" option might appeal. Vodafone doesn't appear to have a month-by-month option:

Here's what 3 will be offering prepaid — it uses a confusing scheme where you get 'bonus data' every time you recharge, which makes it look like a slightly better deal than Vodafone, though this can take up to 48 hours to show up:

If you want a month-by-month plan, you can pay $15 for 1GB, or $29 for 3GB. Overall, these plans aren't radically different to the existing Telstra and Optus choices (save that they won't go on sale until the 28th — both the Telstra and Optus options are shipping already). As ever, network coverage might be your most important factor.




    "Unlimited" eh.

    Make micro SIM to normal SIM adaptor out of a piece of plastic, put in your 3g modem... enjoy unlimited internets on the go on a computer?

      ^^ Thats what I thought too.. however maybe they monitor some of the usage by the browser version?

    When the hell are we going to get one internet plan this will cover us for everything.
    Like, my home TPG plan can be used across home, mobile, ipad, wireless. . . etc etc.
    Im pretty damn sure its possible, but I believe milking people is the reason behind it not being available.

    3 ipad plan for current customer:
    15 for 2gb
    29 for 5gb
    (via email)

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