Viewer2 Organises Your Photos With Cloud-Like Tagging And Manipulation

If you've longed to organise your pictures as though sliding and grouping them on a desk, Viewer2 is a novel take on picture organisation that feels more like real-world sorting and shuffling and less like computer-based cataloguing.

Once you load your photo directories your images are displayed on a virtual desktop. There you can drag them around, group them, tag them and interact with them as though they were in a physical space — pushing one group through a larger group, bumping a smaller group out of the way and more.

You can select images for individual tagging, Ctrl+Click to grab a group of them or use a lasso-grab with your mouse cursor. You can slap new tags on an image or use the drop-down menu to reuse existing tags. Check out the video above to see it in action or visit the Viewer2 web site for more information — the online manual is especially helpful if you want more technical answers than the demo video provides. Viewer2 is freeware, Windows only.

Viewer2 [via MakeUseOf]


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