Use Content-Aware Spot Healing In Photoshop CS5 To Remove Photo Problems

If you've ever had a photo that had an unfortunate branch in the way, or a person too close to the subject of your photo, Photoshop CS5's new spot-healing tool will make it disappear with just a few clicks.

Software blog Download Squad made the above video to showcase CS5's most-talked about new feature, and the results are fantastic. The content-aware algorithm is awesome, and pretty mysterious—it seems to take pixels from all over the photo, not just next to the spot you're trying to fill—and it usually does a great job. If it doesn't work for you, you might need to try a few different brushes, but overall you should be able to easily touch up any photo with just a few clicks. The smaller, spot healing brush seems to work a bit better than the "fill" tool which is for larger areas—but the larger the space that needs filling, the more you're probably better off just taking another picture. If you've taken CS5 for a spin, let us know how the algorithm worked for you, as well as any of your other favourite new features in the comments.

Photoshop CS5 Imaging Tip: Content-Aware Spot Healing and Fill Tools [Download Squad]


    Some people here seem to think the content aware fill was supposed to be a magic "fix" button. It's not. It workd great when used for its intended purpose however. Saves me hours of time in some cases.

    Ive been using the 'Smart Fill' plug in by Alien Skin for a number of years now.
    The guy in the video didnt seem to grasp how the content aware feature works entirely.
    As Paul Broadhurst above me said its not a magic fix button, but it does save a lot of time usually sampling and cloning.
    For large and complex areas youre still going to have to do some manual work cleaning up.
    Things can also get very blocky and pixilised if youre not doing it properly.

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