Use A Custom Wallpaper To Organise Your Desktop As A To-Do List

We've discussed a few different ways to use your desktop as a productivity queue, from the simple to the slightly more involved. Reader ptsgp writes in with a tip to further organise your desktop icons as to-do list items.

Lots of you probably drag things to your desktop that require more immediate attention, which can clutter things up pretty quickly. Ptsgp explains his method for organising these items into a to-do list:

Being a document control person, I handle lots of files each day. At any one point in my day, I can have upwards of 20 files on my desktop. To keep things organized, I use this simple wallpaper that I made using MS Paint.

The wallpaper is pretty simple, which for some may not be ideal, but those easily distracted can help you stay on task. Wallpaper enthusiasts and image editing ninjas can probably make their favourite wallpapers just as functional with minimal effort. Plus, you can customise the categories to apply to almost any type of work. Got any other desktop to-do list tips? Share them in the comments.


    I use Fences for much the same purpose - plus they let you scroll through icons, so you can keep it nice and compact, and double-click to hide all icons, so you can still enjoy the serenity of a clear desktop.

      You beat me to it. I was going to mention fences too.

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