Try Lemon Juice Or Boiling Water As Safe, Eco-Friendly Weed-Killers

Got a weed problem (of the gardening kind)? Home-oriented blog CasaSugar has some simple, effective tips on how to kill unwanted weeds while minimising their damage in the garden.

Photo by Photomish Dan.

Their easiest suggestions: Boiling water and lemon juice.

Take a pitcher of hot water and pour it all over the plants you want to kill, and it will basically boil the weeds to death.

[Alternately,]you can also douse your weeds with lemon juice and they'll shrivel with a day or two.

If you're having considerable trouble with weeds, as a preventative measure, corn meal can prevent weeds from sprouting.

Have your own favourite methods for getting rid of and keeping those ne'erdowells at bay in your garden without harmful herbicides? Sound off in the comments.

4 Eco-Friendly Ways to Kill Weeds [CasaSugar via Apartment Therapy]


    Lemon juice and vinegar are acids. They will kill the weeds and any other plants. And will probably change the soil chemistry to more acidic. Which may be bad depending on what you're trying to grow.

    Try seeing what you can actually do with the weeds - many are edible or have other uses (stinging nettle is like spinach when cooked, and make great hair conditioner). Or crowd them out with other plants.

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