Track World Cup 2010 Results With An Excel Spreadsheet

The 2010 FIFA World Cup kicks off in South Africa on June 11. While you can watch it streaming for free if you happen to be on Optus, you can also get your geek on by tracking the results in your own spreadsheet.

Office's template site is now hosting a spreadsheet designed to track results during the World Cup and automatically calculate standings in the various groups. The spreadsheet uses some pretty neat tricks to automatically update the draw as you enter data. For an insight into how it works, check out this blog post by author Diego Oppenheimer.

2010 World Cup Tracker


    No good for Open Office Calc users.

    There are few spreadsheet masters better than kiwi Graham Paramore. In '06, he created a spreadsheet to track the World Cup in Germany, and he's done another for South Africa 2010. The workbook includes match times, stadiums, and even music and lyrics for each national anthem. You won't find a better spreadsheet for World Cup than this:

      The only one that I know that makes comments based on Group Stage scores is the Ultimate Couch Potato World Cup 2010 Guide (google it).

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