Total Commander 7.5 RC Speeds Up Tabbed File Browsing

Windows: Total Commander, one of our readers' favourite alternative Windows file managers, has updated a lot of its geekier and more powerful features, including FTP and file comparison tools. But what fans of Total Commander will really notice is how snappily it moves.

One disadvantage Total Commander and its brethren often have compared to Windows' built-in explorer is speed. For all the tabbed file browsing, extensive sorting and comparing tools, and file-moving prowess of Total Commander, users will slowly move away if opening a folder results in even the shortest of delays. Total Commander's latest release candidate draws our eyes back to third-party file wranglers with its snappy response, along with lots of improvements to its core functions, listed in full at the what's new page.

Total Commander is 30-day shareware—which might be a new development, we can't quite tell—for Windows systems only, and costs $US38 for a full version.

Total Commander [via Download Squad]


    @shkm: You can configure it to look however you want. Frankly the default appearance is fine.

    @somewhiteguy: Now Free Commander looks terrible.

    Damn split comment system makes no sense.

    Don't forget the Aussie made Directory Opus ( too. Been a fan since it was on the Amiga!

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