Top Privacy Tweaks You Should Know About

Top Privacy Tweaks You Should Know About

With all the talk lately about Facebook’s flawed privacy systems, it’s a good time to consider what you’re making available elsewhere on the web and on your system. These settings tweaks and setups make your web life a little less public.

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Skip Incognito/Private Browsing and Really Leave No Trace

really browse without leaving a trace

Pick Better Security Questions

blogger danah boyd’s security question algorithmwritten about the best kinds of questionsOriginal post

Set Up BitTorrent for Private Downloading

protect your privacy when downloading

Know Your Google Settings

10 Google settings you should know about

Know How to Travel Without Being Spied On

survival guide for travelling where privacy isn’t respectedKeePassTrueCryptImage a composite of photos by hemmob and nolifebeforecofee

Know Where You Stand With Facebook at a Glance

“simplistic/” privacy settings coming soonsettings-scanning bookmarkletshows what the public web can see on FacebookReclaimPrivacy bookmarklet
Facebook public

Run Your Browser Through a Proxy

TORPHProxyyour home computerhosted web spacerun a proxy through Google’s App Engine

Stay Available on Facebook Without Really Being In It

Quit Facebook without really quitting

What steps have you taken recently to bolster your own web or desktop privacy? What would you like to fix, but need some pointers on doing so? Let’s hash it all out in the comments.

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