Top 10 Ways To Upgrade Your Morning Routine

Top 10 Ways To Upgrade Your Morning Routine

Never feel like there’s enough time in the morning? Find yourself struggling to get up or into work mode? We know the feeling. Try out these tips on waking up, getting energised and getting things done in the early hours.

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10. Save the morning for thinking

as one CEO recommendsPhoto by s0ulsurfing.

9. Track your AM habits

tracking and streamlining your routineMake a list, follow it, then revise itPhoto by ♥ellie♥.trackingplanning

8. Put your kids on an itinerary

a deadline-oriented, precise routinePhoto by D Sharon Pruitt.

7. Eat for better sleep

eat less at nightfoods that contribute to a good night’s sleepPhoto by drumecho.Original post

6. Choose your most important task over email

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5. Trade coffee jolts for smaller perk-ups

spacing out smaller caffeine boostsPhoto by post

4. Wake up without any caffeine

relied on other cues and tactics to wake upPhoto by sleepyneko.Original post

3. Set a morning prep reminder the night before

LifeClever calls it the 10 O’Clock RulePhoto by Aidan Wojtas.Original post

2. Crank out some push-ups

Cranking out push-ups first thing in the morningPhoto by whyld.Original post

1. Know your peak performance times

learning the peak times for early-risers and night owlsmap and graph your daily ups and downsPhoto by Hamed Saber.night owlsenergy map

What change to your morning routine has made the biggest difference in your days? What parts of your early hours still need work? Share your scheduling strategies in the comments.


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