Top 10 Creative Ways To Store Your Stuff

Top 10 Creative Ways To Store Your Stuff

Figuring out the smartest places to store your stuff is time well spent—mostly because it results in time you don’t spend cleaning. Here’s are 10 smart storage solutions for your excess cords, shoes, spices and all kinds of computer stuff.

Photo via Instructables.

10. Make Your Shoes Float

couldthis DIY “floating” shoe rackThis versionOriginal post

9. Keep Your Cats And Their Necessities Hidden

big cupboardsentryway shelvesunder-sink spacesconvert a bookcase into a cat treeconverting a box into a kitty chaise loungeentrywayunder-sinkcat chaise

8. Get Your Bike Off The Floor

few tension cablesvery cheap, board-based versionIKEA storage polecarpet-friendly cousinDIYrevisitedIKEA

7. Make Your Filing Cabinet Actually Useful

filing system workflowwantPhoto by Matthew Cornell.

6. Declutter Your Spices And Make Them Accessible

suggested by the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratoriesunder a shelfon the wallminimalist, all-access shelvesDIY spice jarsmagnetic under-shelfmagnetic wallminimalist

5. Stash Your Headphones Without Tangled Wires

installing a coat hook under your deskDioan old vinyl badge clipother

4. Stash Your Peripherals When Not In Use

DIY iMac monitor shelfcommercial versionSlashdot threadhollowed out shelvesIKEA cabinet-turned-workspacemonitor shelf

3. Store Stuff Vertically With DIY Shelving

stuff“Hungarian” square shelvesthis workspaceDIY shelvingcompression bookcasesfull shelving collectionHungarianDIYcompression

2. Tuck Your Cords Away

10 cable control tipscord management list

1. Hide Your Cables In Plain Sight

creatively arranging them in plain sightgreen cable “flower stem”FlatWirecreative displayflower stemFlatWire

What’s the most clever storage solution you’ve come across? What stuff can you just not find a smart way to store? Share your links and vent your material frustrations in the comments.


  • DIY storage compartments are what every household should have, especially if you are on a limited budget. You don’t have to a very creative person to figure it out. A little creativity will do. There are a lot of old pieces of furniture that you can convert into stand-alone modules units pods by adding a little bit of color or fixing some unbroken sides. There are so many ways, and Pinterest, for one, can give you such ideas.

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