Threadsy Combines All Your Inboxes And Social Streams On One Page

Threadsy wants to be a situation room for everything you check online — email, Twitter, Facebook and chat services. You don't just view them, however — Threadsy lets you archive, reply, delete and otherwise control your web life from one big page.

Using the newest APIs from Twitter and Facebook, the no-sign-in-needed OAuth from Gmail and other webmail offerings, Threadsy is able to give users the same kinds of controls they're used to seeing in a half-dozen or more browser tabs. That's a neat aggregation trick in itself, but when you click on a message, you also get a profile view of the sender, compiling everything your social networks and the web knows about them.

You'll have to try Threadsy yourself to see if the interface — messages on the left, streaming updates on the right — works for you better than individual inbox views. It's a promising service, especially as it builds upon the connections between services. Threadsy is free to use, requires a sign-up and a bunch of authorisation requests to use.



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