The World Touristiness Heatmap Helps You Avoid Tourist Traps

Need a friendly escape, or do you just want to go lone wolf? The World Touristiness Map helps you pick an offbeat, remote locale or a foreign-friendly destination for your next holiday with a heatmap detailing the relative tourist-iness of a location.

Based on location-based photo sharing service Panoramio, the World Touristiness Map is a compilation of the most frequently visited places in the world. (Which may not be a perfect measure, but should offer some good insight.) The map is colour-coded by its level of touristiness: the colour yellow indicates a high level of tourism, red indicates moderate levels and blue indicates low levels. Grey means that there are no Panoramio photos in that area at all.

Want to hang out with European tourists in Vatican City this spring? Based on the map, European countries receives the most tourists. Certain parts of North America, Asia and South America are the next most touristy, with most popular spots being along coastlines.

World touristiness map [Ahti Heinla via @brainpicker]


    kinda useless, unless Americano-centricity is your thing, as the majority of the world is *not* included in this map (assumably because Panoramio is just for yanks?).

      Jon - use scroll, the whole world is there.

    This is a great map. Looks like it will save any tourist time as well as money.

    The new sightseeing heatmap site takes Ahti's approach to a new level. This time you can zoom to high details and explore anywhere. High-res maps for superpopular areas have categorized FourSquare places attached: see what is really so popular out there.

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