The Sewing Machine Legs And Butcher Block Office

Sometimes it's the littlest details that really make an office stand out. Today's featured workspace is a well put together office with a butcher block desk supported by antique sewing machine legs.

Lifehacker reader Zac Shellhardt just moved into a new apartment and had some major workspace building to do. After years of working off kitchen counters and couches in cramped living quarters he finally had enough space to have an office proper. Check out his office in the gallery below and if you're curious about the individual contents of his desk and shelves, you can visit his Flickr set to see the photo tags and notes.

The Sewing Machine Legs and Butcher Block Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    That's not a butcher's block, it's just an Ikea kitchen worktop (nice though, that's what I put in our kitchen). A butcher's block would be about four or five times thicker. My father made me a coffee table from an old one he pulled from a skip/dumpster. It's only 2' by 3' but it's a struggle for two people to lift it.

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