Telstra Unveils iPad Data Plans

Telstra Unveils iPad Data Plans

Telstra’s the first Australian telco to spell out its iPad data plans following the announcement of Australian iPad pricing late on Friday. The good news? No contracts.

All the Pre-Paid Sim For Apple iPad plans have data which expires after 30 days if you don’t use it, but the lack of a contract makes the deal much more appealing for users who anticipate a mix of 3G and Wi-Fi use and don’t want to be stuck with endless monthly data updates. The cheapest $20 recharge offer 1GB of data. $30 gets you 3GB, $60 offers 6Gb, $80 9GB, and $100 12GB.

While having to pay for extra data is potentially annoying, those prices are pretty good compared to Telstra’s other data bundles, and its coverage remains the most comprehensive of any Australian network. Rivals will need to offer cheaper entry-level deals (or more data) to look competitive.


  • Those data rehcarge rates seem surprisingly reasonable to me.

    I wonder if I could use those data rates on a “regular” voice + data prepaid service…

  • Wow. Actually surprised at that. They must have lost some major ground last time when they tried to rort everyone on the iphone.

    Serves those bastards rite.

    Now they want to be the first ones out the door. Lesson learnt aye telstra! Just take a look at Telecom NZ and see what happens when you become a prick in the telco arena.

    Scary how similar the 2 are

  • 30 day expiry – rip off.

    On my iPhone I’m a reasonably heavy data user and I wouldn’t use 2gb a month. On the smallest plan I’d waste data usage every month.

  • Semi reasonable pricing, but when I add my $30 for mobile data and my $70 for home internet, suddenly I am paying a heap of cash for internet access. On my wish list is an aggregated plan where I buy xx Gb and use however/where ever I like. technically very difficult to implement but potentially the way things should be heading.

    I am sorry Optus but Telstra is the way to go, your coverage is shocking and on my iPhone it is worse again. Telstra, lose your arrogance and provide a competitive price for your product and you will win back a lot of customers.

    • JB, there are ways to bundle your data plans. For example, an HTC HD2 will act as a wifi router sharing your phone data with wifi capable computers. Also, many new phones can tether by usb or bluetooth to act as a USB modem. When telstra tries to sell someone who already has a next G phone a usb modem for wireless access on their laptop they are just ripping them off.

      What I want to know is what’s so special about the ipad that it gets new data rates introduced. Will I be able buy data at these rates for my mobile or 3G-enabled netbook?

  • Waiting to see what Optus have for us. No one has come out with a post paid plans as yet. It will be interesting to see if these devices chew up more bandsidth than phones do, given they are like mini PCs (kind of).

  • Wow are we been ripped off. In the USA you can pay 30$ for full unlimited bandwidth. Or buy a card that is a wyfi hot spot and can connect multiple gadgets to it. It costs 60$ per month for 5GB. I don’t know if we have anything like this in Australia.

    I think Telstra is part owned via the Australian government, and that’s us because we vote them in. So why are they ripping us off. If this was an open data plan that did multiple peaces of tech I would pay 100$ per month. NOT per item what is offer now.
    I see the Telco’s as a greedy bunch that only look after themselves. They don’t think of people that have to do updates to their computers for security reasons. As we all do every month from companies such as Microsoft adobe etc. These updates can be 500 MB by them selves never mind your normal usage. So normal people that just want to surf the net on their PC or I Pad take risks of getting infected and losing there precious photos and documents. It’s the ISP fault for these bloated prices. We all should bring this up with our local member. To force Telstra set realistic prices.

  • I just waded through the T’s & C’s..

    “.. can only be used in an approved Apple iPad device. If you use your Telstra Pre-Paid micro-SIM for iPad in any other device, you will be automatically charged the standard Telstra Pre-Paid Wireless Broadband charges as set out in Our Customer Terms based on your most recent recharge denomination.”

    As Telstra’s not really meant to be in the hardware business, how does hardware-vendor-specific pricing fit into their business model?

    • That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard from Telstra. What possible reason would Telstra have to do this? They have supposedly said they wouldn’t be selling ipads. So why discount their data plans? There is no increased cost to Telstra to sell data to a non-ipad device. It really makes no sense, unless there’s some money in this from Apple to make the ipad look like a more appealing mobile option than other tablets, etc. This is like being charged a different amount for petrol if I drive a Volkwagon. INSANE!!

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