Telstra Adjusts Post-Paid Data Browsing Packs

If you're a Telstra customer on a monthly plan and fancy the occasional bout of browsing on your phone, that's potentially become a little cheaper, with the carrier increasing capacity and making other adjustments on its data browsing packs.

As Telstra's company blog notes, download limits have been increased on virtually all the plans, and the price has been dropped on several. That doesn't make them the cheapest way to browse — $5 for 30MB of data is still a pretty expensive way of going about it — but if all you want is the ability to occasionally check weather or sports scores, it's probably more than sufficient. (The sweet spot is arguably the $20/500MB pack; more than that and a contract-based, higher cap deal might be worth looking at.)



    still crap.

      lol agreed, its still wayy more expensive that all others

        Take a look at the prices of member plans for business accounts.

      and they say it with a straight face too

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